Tokimeki Tonight-ten

In 2023, it was announced that a traveling exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tokimeki would be held at various locations around Japan. All information can be found on the official site as well as the official twitter and instergram accounts.

This page aims to collect and translate the most relevant information.

Exhibition venues




Displayed works

Below you'll find an exhaustive list of all works displayed at the Tokyo venue. The list was compiled with help from a kind person who showed me all her photographs from the venue, and I plan to compile a similar list for the Kyoto venue when I go there in October.


Exhibition catalogue


A 144-page softcover artbook featuring close to 400 pieces of Tokimeki artwork. It costs 2.200 yen and is only available at the exhibition venues at this point, although it might become available online or through regular booksellers after the exhibition has wrapped.

Table of contents

List of illustrations

Omitted title pages

In the past, Ikeno has confided to fans that some of her color manuscripts have been lost, and this was why it's be impossible to publish a "complete edition" of Tokimeki reprinting all color pages. I've always been curious about which manuscript pages were lost and why, and I believe the omission of many title pages from the exhibition catalogue gives us some hints.

Although a few title pages (and one magazine cover) from the Narumi and Aira arcs have also been omitted, by far the most glaring omissions from the catalogue are 21 Ranze arc title pages. Of these 21, the title page of chapter 1 was reprinted in the Tokimeki manga-michi tankōbon and the title page of Christmas no okurimono was reprinted in the Romantic Album fanbook, so I think it's safe to say these pages haven't been lost, but simply omitted from the catalogue for one reason or another.

Ranze ch. 30
Ranze arc ch. 30 title page

Of the remaining 19, a large majority of 16 title pages were reprinted in the "Memorial scene collection" furoku from June 1987, a small artbook commemorating the conclusion of the Ranze arc. Many beautiful title pages were included in this booklet, including a Shun solo piece from chapter 30, a dramatic two-page spread from chapter 33, and two highly romantic Ranze & Shun title pages from chapters 36 and 44; in my personal opinion, you can't explain the omission of these masterpieces by any other reason than they have been lost, likely in the process of reprinting them for this furoku.

Of the remaining 3, the title page of chapter 4 was reprinted in volume 1 of the "Anime special edition" magazine, at which point it might have been lost. This would also explain why the Italian edition uses different cover illustrations than the Japanese tankōbon for volumes 2 and 9.

That leaves us with chapters 21 and 22, which I can't find any specific reason for being omitted or lost — although the title page of chapter 21 includes a manga panel, so the catalogue editors might have judged it's not a "proper" title page.

Aira ch. 20
Aira arc ch. 20 title page

I also can't think of a reason why the title page of Ginga romance no yoru chapter 1 should have been omitted or lost. The Aira arc chapter 20 title page might have been omitted since it's technically a title page but also a part of the manga including a speech bubble. While I've never actually seen the title page of Aira arc chapter 36, I believe it wasn't colored, which would explain it not being included in the catalogue — I plan to pick up the August 1994 issue of Ribon at one point to clarify this. The Aira arc side story Poteto no Merry Christmas might have been lost, or its existence might have been forgotten by the catalogue editors; same with the Aira cover of "Ribon sōshun no bikkuri daizōkangō 1993".

Whatever the reason for these omissions, it's my goal to collect all color pages not included in the catalogue, particularly those that weren't included in the "Memorial scene collection" furoku either. That's Ranze arc chapter 21 and Ginga romance no yoru chapter 1.


81 items of merchandise (over 100 if counting the random draw items) have been released for the Tokimeki exhibition. Please check the official site for details and images.