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There are many different editions of Tokimeki available, as well as a fanbook and a series of spin-offs and side stories, making it a little confusing for people who are trying to read Tokimeki for the first time. This page collects information from other pages on this site to give a better overview.

Ribon Mascot Comics tankōbon

Ranze arc (1982-1988)

The Ranze arc covers volumes 1 to 16 of the original RMC tankōbon edition. The main storyline concludes midway through volume 15, and the rest of the volume and volume 16 contain all six side-stories written during the serialization.

Covers of vol. 1-16

Narumi arc (1988-1990)

The Narumi arc covers volume 17 to 22. NB! For some reason, Futaba's side story is included in vol. 25 of the tankōbon edition, in the middle of the Aira arc.

Covers of vol. 17-22

Aira arc (1992-1995, 2000)

The Aira arc covers volume 23 to 30, and is concluded in an extra volume, Hoshi no yukue.

Covers of vol. 23-30 and Hoshi no yukue

Shueisha manga bunko (1998-1999)

Ranze arc

Volumes 1-7 of the bunko edition include the entire run of the Ranze arc, and volume 8 includes all six side-stories.

Covers of bunko edition vol. 1-8

Narumi arc

Volumes 9-12 of the bunko edition includes the entire run of the Narumi arc. NB! Futaba's side story is included in the last volume of the bunko edition, vol. 16.

Covers of bunko edition vol. 9-12

Aira arc

Volumes 12-16 of the bunko edition includes the entire run of the Aira arc, including Hoshi no yukue.

Covers of bunko edition vol. 12-16

Shueisha Girls Remix

Covers of Remix edition vol. 1-8

Ribon Mascot Comics shinsōban

Covers of shinsoban vol. 1-12

List of artists who contributed tribute manga

  1. Sakai Mayu (Ribon artist)
  2. Tsuyama Chinami (Ribon artist - High Score)
  3. Fujiwara Yuka (Ribon artist)
  4. Maki Yōko (Ribon artist - Aishitezure Baby ★★)
  5. Sonoda Konami (Ribon artist - ChocoMimi)
  6. Mochida Aki (Ribon artist)
  7. Peach-Pit (Shugo Chara!)
  8. Shiina Ayumi (Ribon artist - Baby Love)
  9. Matsumoto Natsumi (Ribon artist - Yumeiro Patissiere)
  10. Kanahei (illustrator)
  11. Shinjō Mayu (Sensual Phrase)
  12. Ikeno Koi (afterword)

Romantic Album

Covers of Romantic Album

Tokimeki Midnight Cookie Mascot Comics tankōbon

cover of tankobon edition vol. 1-9

Tokimeki Midnight Shueisha manga bunko

cover of bunko edition vol. 1-6

Side stories, prequels, and sequels

This section is about Tokimeki stories published after the serialization has ended (for side stories published during the serialization, please refer to the other editions).

Mori no naka (2006)

A short all-color side story set during Ranze's childhood (details). Included in the Etō Ranze no takarabako tankōbon.

Itsumo tokimeite (2009)

A Tokimeki Tonight (details) and Tokimeki Midnight (details) sequel. Available in the If no frame tankōbon.

Makabe Shun no jijyō (2013)

Please refer to the dedicated page for details.

Etō Mōri no kakeochi (2015)

Please refer to the dedicated page for details.

Etō Ranze no takarabako (2019)

Please refer to the dedicated page for details.


Italian edition

The entire series was released in Italian from the publisher Star Comics under the title Batticuore Notturno — Ransie La Strega. The Italian edition seems to follow the original Japanese tankōbon. According to this edition is out of print, but available secondhand. Star Comics will also be reissuing Tokimeki in a new edition starting from January 2020, this time following the Japanese shinsōban edition.

Indinesian edition

The endtire series was published in Indonesia by Elex Media Komputindo Publisher under the title Throbbing Tonight. The Indonesian edition follows the original Japanese tankōbon.

Other editions

I don't speak any of these languages, but here are some other language editions I've found while googling: Thai, Chinese, unknown language.

Fan translation

An English-language fan translation of the first six volumes is available online.