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In recent years, especially since Ribon's 60th anniversary year in 2015, there has been a growing nostalgia for shōjo manga of the 80s and 90s, including Tokimeki. As a consequence, various merchandise has been released to meet a nostalgic demand. This page contains a rundown of all Tokimeki manga merchandise released from 2012 onward.

For a selection of Tokimeki anime merchandise, please see the anime page. For 80s and 90s novelties from Ribon magazine, please see the novelties page. For furoku and zen'in presents created while the original series was running in Ribon, please see furoku & zen'in presents.











Shueisha "Ureshi-natsukashi tokimeki fair" – 2012

Shueisha gave out two designs of novelty mini clear files with a purchase of certain bunko editions of their shōjo manga, including Tokimeki. One clear file was printed with Ranze from the "Kisekae letter set" furoku (November 1986). See more details on

Shueisha "Natsukomi" manga fair – July 2014

A set of five furoku postcards from the August 1984 issue of Ribon was reprinted as novelty gifts that came with a purchase of certain shōjo manga tankōbon from Shueisha.

SuperGroupies merchandise – 2015

SuperGroupies is a Japanese apparel and jewelry maker run by the popular anime merchandise shop Animate. In 2015, they created an exclusive line of Tokimeki merchandise based on items featured in the manga: three pendants (one each from each heroine), one brooch, one mirror, and one pouch based on Ranze's middle school uniform design. These were limited releases and sadly not available anymore, but images of the items are still available at

I own the the mirror and the brooch. The mirror is a magical item Ranze received as a gift from Aron early in the manga, and the brooch is a gift Shun gives to Ranze in the last side story of the Ranze arc. They are both beautiful reproductions!

Mirror Brooch

Ribon 60th anniversary ichiban kuji – 2015

"Ichiban kuji" is a popular raffle at Japanese convenience stores or book stores, often featuring art from popular manga or anime. In 2015, to commemorate Ribon's 60th anniversary, there were two series of raffles to win an A4 folder and postcard set featuring art from 80s and 90s Ribon classics. The Ranze arc of Tokimeki was featured in both series.

First series

The Tokimeki set contains a folder with title page art from chapters 37 and 47, and a postcard that reprints the first time Shun admitted his love for Ranze. It comes in packaging styled as the first tankōbon volume. See more details on

Second series

Contains a folder featuring art from a furoku illustration card (June 1984) and the title page of chapter 25, and a postcard of the page where Shun turns into a baby. It comes in packaging styled as tankōbon volume 8.

Various Ribon 60th anniversary merchandise – 2015

Shueisha released various novelties for Ribon's most popular 80s and 90s series during this anniversary year.

Baila furoku

Shueisha's fashion magazine Baila featured Ribon-themed furoku in the August and September issues of 2015. The August issue came with a notepad with one Tokimeki design, and the September issue came with a booklet featuring articles about many 80s and 90s Ribon titles, including a rundown of Tokimeki's plot and characters.

Baila furoku memo Baila furoku memo

Ribon postage stamps set

Two stamp sets featuring Ribon series from the 80s through the 00s were released by JapanPost to commemorate Ribon's 60th anniversary. Tokimeki was featured in the 80s/90s set along with other classics such as Marmalade Boy, Hime-chan no ribbon, Tenshi nanka ja nai, Yūkan kurabu, and others.

Ribon 1980s-2000s stamp set Ribon 1980s-2000s stamp set

Business cards

It was possible to order Ribon-themed business cards from Ribon's 60th anniversary Yahoo! Shop. There were many classic series to choose from, and I thought about ordering a set, but the image used on the Tokimeki business cards wasn't one of my favorites, so I didn't. I wish they'd used an image from earlier in the series.

Tokimeki business card Tokimeki business card

Hako Quest

"Hako Quest" is a popular raffle at Japanese convenient stores, similar to "Ichiban kuji". Two series of Hako Quest prizes were released for Ribon's 60th anniversary, an 80s set and a 90s set. Tokimeki was featured in the 80s set, and you could win two bag charms and two coasters, but the designs weren't attractive enough for me to pick up. See more details on

However, my friend retrosofa picked up one of the bag charms and was kind enough to send me some photos. It looks as though the charms were made of metal and quite sturdy, and you can see all the item designs on the box. Thank you!

Hako Quest keychain Hako Quest keychain Hako Quest box Hako Quest box

60th anniversary stationery

A memo pad styled as the first tankōbon volume and featuring 4 different designs inside: tankōbon vol. 1 (same as the cover), the scene where Shun proposes to Ranze, the title page of the 30th anniversary side story, and the "All-color note" furoku from April 1985.

60th anniversary memo pad

Tokyo Skytree Ribon event novelties – 2017

A Ribon anniversary event and exhibition was held at Tokyo's Skytree, and the entrance ticket came with a Ribon calendar and sticker sheet. The Tokimeki page of the calendar featured the tile page of chapter 20 of the Ranze arc.

Additionally, three types of coasters featuring Ranze arc color images were given out at the collaboration cafe: one featuring new art created for the Ribon anniversary, one featuring a furoku illustration card from June 1984, and one featuring a furoku postcard from August 1984.

Baila furoku marriage certificate – July 2017

The July 2017 issue of Shueisha's fashion magazine Baila contained a marriage certificate featuring art of Ranze and Shun. This is a real marriage certificate you can fill in and use to get legally married in Japan!

Marriage certificate Marriage certificate

Ribon no furoku "kawaii" no himitsu – July 2018

This large-format book about 80s and 90s Ribon furoku came with a Tokimeki paper box based on the "Humming rack" furoku from May 1984. This book also features many amazing images and articles, as well as a 4-page manga by Ikeno where she reminisces about Ribon furoku. You can pick up a copy at Amazon Japan and other retailers.

Here's what the "humming rack" furoku looks like when built:

Humming rack reprint Humming rack reprint

The original furoku was big enough to fit an issue of Ribon inside, but this one is about 15cm tall, 14cm wide, and 12cm deep. It's still adorable though, and I love it very much!

At the collaboration cafe event to promote the book, a coaster featuring Ranze was given out at the collaboration cafe. Additionally, also ran a campaign where they included two postcards with every purchase of this book, one each with art by Ikeno and Yoshizumi Wataru. The Tokimeki postcard featured art from the "Hurray! Hurray! Box" furoku from December 1985.

Belle Maison merchandise series 1 (August 2018)

Japanese mail-order company Belle Maison produced a line of Ribon merchandise inspired by 70s and 80s furoku, featuring art by Ikeno, Mutsu A-ko, Hagiiwa Mutsumi, and Okada Amin. I picked up the reprint of the "oshare trunk", a pen pouch, and a set of postcards, and they were all well made and had great print quality. Series 1 is now sold out, but you can see some images at


A set of 18 postcards including 6 Tokimeki postcards. Features art from:

Trunk-fū craft box

A cardboard box modelled after the "Oshare trunk" furoku (February 1987).

Pair mug cups

A mug featuring art of Ranze and Shun from the "Lovely file" furoku (March 1985).

Shashin album

A photo album modelled after the "Lovely file" furoku (March 1985).

Smartphone cover

A flip cover for iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and 8, as well as Xperia XZ and XZs. Features art from the "Oshare trunk" furoku (February 1987).

Interior seal

A large A3-sized sticker sheet to decorate your walls.

Light switch cover

Three different types of light switch covers featuring art from the "Oshare trunk" furoku (February 1987).

Pen pouch

A pouch featuring art from the "Oshare trunk" furoku (February 1987) as well as art from the "Okaimono note" furoku (April 1986) on the lining.

Otona stamp

Two different types of stamps featuring art from the "Okaimono note" furoku (April 1986).

Mobile battery

A battery bank featuring art from the "Joyful binder" furoku (July 1983).

iPhone-senyō smartphone cover

A hard-shell iPhone cover featuring art from the "Letter pouch" zen'in present (Sept-Oct 1985).

IC card case

A card case in the same style as the pen pouch.

Paper bag

A set of paper gift bags in the style of the "Picnic bag" furoku (May 1986).

Smartphone ring

Metal rings to attach to your smartphone case, one in the same style as the hard-shell cover and one featuring art from the "Dosukoi!! Yōko-inu memo & mini fūtō" furoku (June 1986).

Belle Maison merchandise series 2 – November 2018

Having received overwhelmingly positive responses to their Ribon merchandise, Belle Maison produced a second series featuring the same four artists as series 1. I ordered the calendar and book covers, and they were both adorable! Series 2 is now sold out, but you can see some images at

2019-nen 4-gatsu hajimari takujō seal calendar

A postcard-sized calendar covering April 2019 to March 2020 with three pages of art each from Ikeno, Hagiiwa Mutsumi, Mutsu A-ko, and Okada Amin. The Tokimeki months feature art from the "Joyful binder" (July 1983), "All-color note" (April 1985), and "Pinup best 5" (July 1985) furoku, and all the pages can also be used as stickers.

Book cover and die-cut shiori set

A set of four book covers in manga tankōbon size and one bookmark, featuring art from:

Case-tsuki stamp set

A set of five stamps featuring Shun from a page of the manga, as well as art from the "Letter pouch" zen'in present (Sept-Oct 1985). The set comes in a plastic case.

Acryl badges

A set of four badges featuring art from the "Lovely file" (March 1985) and "Hurray! Hurray! Box" (December 1985) furoku.

Charm-tsuki tote bag

A bag and matching bag charm featuring art from the "Hurray! Hurray! Box" furoku (December 1985).

Fabric tapes

Two rolls of fabric tape featuring art from the "Dosukoi!! Yōko-inu memo & mini fūtō" furoku (June 1986) and "Letter pouch" zen'in present (Sept-Oct 1985).

Belle Maison merchandise series 3 – March 2019

Yet more Belle Maison/Ribon collaboration items were released. Series 3 is now sold out, but you can see some images at

Kandō no bungu 4-ten set

A set of four stationery items. The Tokimeki set includes:

Obentō-bako & combi set

A set of a lunch box, cutlery, and a vase to keep your cutlery. The Tokimeki set features art from the "Tokimeki stand all-color note" furoku (April 1987).

Futa-tsuki cup set

A set of two mugs with matching lids. The Tokimeki set features art from the "Tokimeki stand all-color note" (April 1987) and "Hurray! Hurray! Box" (December 1985) furoku.

Stainless thermo bottle

An insulated bottle that keeps 400 ml of liquid. The Tokimeki bottle features art from the "Dosukoi!! Yōko-inu memo & mini fūtō" furoku (June 1986).

Ceramic coaster set

A set of two coasters. The Tokimeki set features art from the "Oshare trunk" furoku (February 1987) and the "Letter pouch" zen'in present (Sept-Oct 1985).

Charm-tsuki tote bag

A bag big enough to hold A4-size binders. The Tokimeki bag features art from the "Space bag" furoku (February 1983).

Belle Maison Ikeno Koi 40th anniversary merchandise – July 2019

To commemorate Ikeno's 40th anniversary as a manga artist in 2019, Belle Maison released a series of merchandise featuring her art. The designs are absolutely amazing, resembling Ribon novelties from the 80s. The items are now sold out, but you can see some images at

Ai no yubiwa otona ver.

A ring of 10K gold and pink tourmaline, modeled after the "ring of love" Ranze wears in the manga. Available for special order in a variety of sizes.

House-gata craft shūnō box

A paper box modeled after the "Cake house box" furoku (October 1986).

Print parker

Two hoodies with prints from 80s Ribon novelty trainers and T-shirts.

Print genkan mat

Two doormats with art from 80s Ribon novelties, one featuring Yōko-dog and one featuring Ranze.

Stainless tumbler

A set of two stainless tumbler cups featuring art from the "Tokimeki purse" zen'in present (April-May 1985).


Wall clock featuring all the main characters.

Towel hankerchiefs

A set of two hand towels featuring art from the "Ranze bag" furoku (October 1982), the "Purse" zen'in present (April-May 1983), and a Ribon novelty hankerchief.

Ribon-ten merchandise – July 2019

From July 2019 to July 2021, a traveling Ribon exhibition was held at department stores and art galleries across Japan. The exhibition showcased artworks and furoku from 11 artists who were active in Ribon during its heydays in the 80s and 90s, including Ikeno, and new merchandise was created exclusively for the exhibition. For a limited time, these merchandise were also availble at select online shops.

The following Tokimeki merchandise were released (details available at

I purchased a few of the items, and an incredibly generous person picked up the Ranze pin for me, which was a random gacha item and not available online. Thank you so much!


Additionally, when pre-ordering tickets at 7-11 stores, they let you print a special ticket with art from the September 1983 issue of Ribon featuring Ranze. On certain dates, the ticket issued at the venue also featured Ranze from the September 1986 issue of Ribon.

Ikeno Koi 40th anniversary LINE stickers – July 2019

A set of Tokimeki stickers for use on the LINE app were released by Shueisha. You can purchase them from the LINE app shop.

Line stickers Line stickers

∴M4 skin care collaboration – August 2019

The new skin care brand ∴M4 from Japanese cosmetics company Mandom released a series of items in collaboration with Tokimeki:

Additionally, posters for the Tokimeki collaboration will be displayed at various train stations for a limited time, such as Tokyo's Machida station and Kyoto's Kawaramachi station.

Takara-Tomy capsule toy veneer pouches – April 2020

Toy maker Takara-Tomy Arts released a series of "gacha" capsule toys featuring five plastic pouches:

You can also see some product photos here.

The release date was originally set for April 2020, then posponed to May.

Uniqlo collaboration tee-shirt – April 2020

A line of tee-shirts featuring popular Ribon manga was relased in collaboration with the Japanese clothing line Uniqlo. The Tokimeki design features the title logo printed on the front and Ranze from vol. 1 of the manga on the back. The material is 100% cotton. See more information and images on

Ribon 65th anniversary zen'in service – March 2021

The Ribon editorial staff twitter announced that the April 2021 issue of Ribon (on sale March 3) will feature a zen'in service celebrating Ribon's 65th anniversary, and that it will feature Tokimeki merchandise as well as merchandise for Hime-chan no ribbon, Chibi Maruko-chan, and the ongoing hit series Honey Lemon Soda.

The designs of the items were revealed in the February 6th episode of the Japanese TV show Kaban-mochi sasete kudasai:

Zen'in service merchandise

The items are:

The set cost 2.750 yen, and could only be ordered with a code included in the print edition of the Ribon issue. I managed to pick up a set through a deputy service, and everything is absolutely adorable!

Ribon-musubi exclusive embroidery art – January 2022

Ribon's fan community "Ribon-musubi" released a series of embroidered art pieces for Ribon's most popular manga. The Tokimeki piece is a replica of the Ranze arc ch. 39 title page. This was a pre-order exclusive. You can see more information and images on the official site.

Ribon-musubi special store merchandise – October 2022

Ribon's fan community "Ribon-musubi" is releasing a series of exclusive items featuring Tokimeki as well as other popular Ribon series through its official shop.

These items have been released so far:

NEW! Exhibition merchandise – July 2023

Please see the dedicated page.

NEW! Avail 80s and 90s Ribon merchandise – September 2023

Avail, a brand under major apparel maker Shimamura, has been releasing merchandise featuring retro Ribon manga for a while, and Tokimeki joined its ranks in September 2023. Five items will be available both at physical stores and the Avail online shop. You can see detailed images of the items on the official twitter.