Ribon novelties

In every issue of Ribon magazine, you will find various giveaways the readers can enter to win. These can be contest prizes, usually for art contests, or giveaways of apparel and gadgets to people who send in answers to reader polls, or sponsored anime merchandise. In the 80s and 90s, the prizes were often original Ribon merchandise printed with art by the magazine's many popular artists. These items are much more rare and much harder to find that the "zen'in" reader presents you can see on the furoku page, since they were only given out to a few hundred or few thousand people out of a readership of millions.

Recently, I've been contacted by a lovely person who was as kind as to share photographs of her collection of Tokimeki novelties! Sadly there is very little information available about these items, such as what issue of Ribon they are from or how many pieces were given out, but I hope you will enjoy the lovely images and that maybe this page will serve as a source of information for anyone looking to collect these items. Thank you so much to the anonymous donor!

You will also be able to find images of similar presents on the Romantic Album page, as well as on the tokimek1-starrynight tumblr.

Ranze prizes

Ranze prize card calculator Ranze prize pencil case Ranze prize card calculator Ranze prize card calculator Ranze prize color pencils and box Ranze prize telephone card Ranze prize telephone card Ranze prize telephone card Ranze prize telephone card

Narumi prizes

Narumi prize telephone card holder Narumi prize ruler

Aira prizes

Aira prize pocket camera Aira prize photo album Aira prize planner

tokimek1-starrynight scans

tokimek1-starrynight is a tumblr account which posts a ton of Tokimeki images, including scans from Ribon magazine featuring novelties. I've decided to make a list of these posts for easy browsing.

Ranze novelties

Narumi novelties